Help, I'm addicted to sac plat!!!

  1. I have a Monogram Canvas Sac Plat:smile:. I just bought from e bay Epi Leather Pepper Sac Plat:yes:. Now I want to have the Damier Sac Plat:p and Epi Leather Mandarine Sac Plat:drool:!!! HELPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!! I have a sac plat syndrome!!!:nuts:
  2. I have a speedy syndrome! I have 5....just got my 5th one today!!! I have mono, azur, patchwork blue denim, patchwork black denim, and mirage in black. I love the speedy! I don't see anything wrong with it. If you love the sac plat's design, then get it in multiple patterns.
  3. i love the denim sac plat!!! :biggrin: r u going to be adding that ur list too?
    epi is gorgeous too!!!
  4. Wow, you have such a nice collections!!! You can visit:

    If you want to see my collections. Guess I better save some money for the sacs!!! ;)
  5. You have a nice collection as well!!!! You need to get a denim sac plat!!!
  6. My friend has that denim Sac Plat and she wants me to take a look at it first. I think it is too feminine (coz of the koala buckle) for me, and i don't know whether i have guts to wear that bag :smile:. Do you think it's ok for a man to wear the Sac Plat Denim?:confused1:
  7. i think anyone carrying it would be hot! :biggrin:
  8. i love Sac plat too! except I don't understand how in the world Damier is more expensive than Mono??
  9. I will try it first. If i'm comfortable with it, I will definitely buy the Sac Plat denim :yes:, Thanks for the suggestion :smile:
  10. One of the SA told me that Damier has different inner lining and it is stronger than mono. I haven't bought the Damier one, but it is already in my wish list ;)
  11. i love love love Sac Plat in Damier, but for some reason, I just can't get over the fact it cost more than Mono hehe
  12. i love the sac plat too but im gunning for one in damier graphite! it would look awesome for work! ;)
  13. AGREE!!!!! :tup:
  14. I think the sac plat is a gorgeous bag as well!!! You rock whatever you want to - go for the denim!!
  15. go for it alll!!!!!!!!!!! like many TPFers...i have a speedy problem...:drool: