HELP!! I'm a procrastinator!

  1. I need some encouragement from tPF. I cannot stop procrastinating this past week. I have a few weeks left until I finish my master's degree and I am running out of steam. I have been putting off work really badly lately just when I need to work the hardest...and I'm running behind badly because of it. Why am I doing this to myself???

    Any advice on how to stop procrastinating? (hmm, get off of tPF for now???) Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

    bal newbie - master procrastinator!
  2. When I procrastinate, it's usually because I'm overwhelmed by the task at hand. So, I break it down into smaller tasks and reward myself in some small way when I'm done with a few of them.
  3. Start with the easiest things. Once you're through with those (which usually take up less of your time and effort), you'll feel relieved and will be able to focus on the big thing with all the attention it requires, instead of worrying about the rest of the stuff that needs to be done.

    This has helped me quite a bit, since I used to be a huge procrastinator my last year of Uni.
  4. I agree with the other posters - break things up into smaller, more manageable chunks, and also, I find it easier to get things done if I have motivation/treats.
  5. English major, horrible procrastinator; I routinely leave 8 page papers until the day before. The best way to get through it for me is by dividing each of my free days into paper sections. One page every hour, or one page every thirty minutes. A certain number of pages per day, also. Take 10-15 minute breaks and do something fun, like jump on tPF, go outside and draw on the ground with lots of chalk colors, have a bowl of ice cream, anything to get some fun/relax time in! I actually brainstorm with chalk on breaks; sometimes I'll write my ideas on my driveway, helps me to think!
  6. That's what I do...I even set a timer, that really helps me. 30 minutes of work, and then a 10 or 15 minute break.

    Good luck :smile:
  7. I'm such a horrible procrastinator. It's fine during the school year, but once finals time rolls around, I just want to be DONE...So then I end up not doing anything, not studying until the last minute..and then I wonder why I got a bad grade :p
  8. Oh yes, it is a tough one. I used to have the cleanest room at exam time, and would clean out cupboards, read through old letters, bake cakes, but I would just end up feeling more guilty!!

    Write a list of the most important tasks you need to achieve each day, be they small or large. And like others say here, reward yourself when you get through a couple of them. Be realistic but be hard on yourself too, because the reward will be worth it in the end!!!
  9. Thanks, it's all good advice but, obviously, as a procrastinator, it's hard to put into practice. I did OK last night but could do better. Let's see what happens today!
  10. I procrastinate, as well. I wasn't like that until my final year of undergrad; I guess I burned out.

    What helped me was exactly the opposite of what most others here suggest. I used to divide my work up in chunks and take a break every 30-45 min. (depending on the task), and use the break time to do something fun. Unfortunately, most of the time I winded up taking a longer time on my "breaks" than I originally planned, dreading the return to my work.

    The only thing that helped was NOT ALLOWING MYSELF TO DO ANYTHING ELSE UNTIL THE WORK WAS DONE. Not even taking a shower, lol. I would be so hungry, dirty, and thirsty that I would blaze through my work and finish it all just so I could take care of my needs.

    This may not be for everybody, :upsidedown: but it works for me!
  11. I've been putting off replying to this thread cause I was trying to think of something witty. I have a feeling I won't be any help.
  12. I am a terrible procrastinator - but i make up for it when I actually do work. I have periods where I can't be talked to bec I am so stuck in the work.

    this is what I do - it may sound a bit silly but I actually talk myself up. if I was you I would do this: allow yourself another day of BS, you know, watch TV, hang out, surf the internet etc whatever but DO NOT feel guilty about it

    BECAUSE tomorrow you are going for it. you wake up, fix a cuppa whatever you like and sit down and get started. keep yourself going in that way - a bit like a coach with sports people. granted, I have no clue what a coach does to get people motivated but I imagine it that way. just fire yourself up like a boxing champion or something. you will feel great, at least I did, and I finished all my studies that way.

    during my masters dissertation I drove my friends nuts bec I wasn't working like they were. sure the way i did it i drove myself to a near enough breakdown but hey it was successful so who cares now.

    good luck!