Help! I'm a newbie in love w/ this bag & need to know EVERYTHING about it!!

  1. chanel satchel.jpg

    I am IN LOVE with this...Can anybody help me? I think it's the Sharpey Frame Bag...but not positive. You girls know all there is to know, so I have come out of the shadows where I have been lurking & spying on you all for so long :heart::yes: too shy to join to emplore you all to HELP me!!
  2. i LOVE that bag too! i think sjunky has it...
  3. thats a HOT bag!

    Check it out in person:tup:
  4. yep you're right! it's a sharpei frame bag in lambskin (not ponyhair)! you might still find a few lurking around, just give 1800-Chanel a call and get them to do a system search for you, otherwise you could always try the major department stores like NM and Saks. good luck! ;)
  5. That poor Diane Kruger, she's so homely.
  6. i have this bag, it is gorgeous! call charlie in las vegas NM he can get it for you! and get you one in great condition,!!!
  7. great choice for your first Chanel, and welcome to the forums :smile:
  8. Thank you all!!! You are all so sweet & the info was great...THANKS!!! :heart::smile: