Help - i'm a chanel virgin but sooo want this bag....

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  1. Hi Ladies - I've already posted this q on the more general forum and someone suggested I ask you chanel experts... :
    I'd really like to know how much to expect to pay in the UK for the bag in this pic attached and also where to buy for best prices in the UK (although def not interested in any fakes no matter how good) or if its just my nearest Chanel concession that I need to go to (which i think is Harvey Nics in Leeds) any help re this and and also what style etc it is would be v appreciated so I'm clued up when I go to the shop... thanks v much for your help,

    Jo xx

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  2. It looks like a wallet on chain (WoC) to me. You can check the reference library for more pictures, and I'm pretty sure prices will be there too. Good luck!
  3. That's a WOC. So a search from prices in the UK and I am sure someone will have posted the price. ;)
  4. We both posted at the exact moment. Lol.
  5. Haha, we did!
  6. The only Chanel boutiques in the UK are in Manchester city centre Selfridges or London. I bought my classic flap in Manchester and the Sales Assistants were so helpful :tup:

    Kate xxx
  7. I have this WOC in black caviar leather and I paid $1,295 for it this past summer.
  8. It looks great on Trinny!
  9. Thanks for your help Ladies :yes:

    Just spoken to a lovely guy in the manchester store thats given me UK prices for 3 different WOC versions...
    2.55 version they have in stock @ mo = £810.00
    Caviar leather version (Trinny's one) = £750.00
    and Lambskin one = £840.00
    now can't decide which one I want!!... good job I've still got to wait a whole month before my bonus that will be funding the purchase gets paid!!
    Jo xx