Help! Ikea bed...


May 3, 2009
Out of a suitcase
Hi all--
Does anyone own the Ikea Leirvik bed (or something similar... there are a few beds from Ikea that look similar)?

If so, can you tell me if you use a box spring with the bed or just a mattress on top of bed slats and how tall the mattress comes up on your body?

I originally bought a mattress set (it's getting delivered tomorrow), but then I saw this photo on Flickr:

According to the Ikea website, the footboard is 39inches tall... and in that flickr photo, the mattress + boxspring goes up all the way to the top of the footboard!!! That's like ridiculously tall if it's 39" to climb into bed!?? Can those dimensions possibly be right???

Many thanks!
I have the Ikea MALM (which is quite low to the ground already) and I only have the mattress and the slats-the bed MAYBE comes up to my knees. I think you'll be fine with the mattress that high. My friend is 5ft1 and she has a similar bed to that (not Ikea, but the height is similar) and she manages to get in and out alright!

If you DO just use the slats, the sales person told my boyfriend when he bought his mattress (he bought the MALM frame too) that if you just have slats, you need to put something (a metal rod, a block of wood, etc) underneath the slats in the middle of the bed to prevent the mattress from sagging in the middle.

Enjoy your new bed! :smile:


Jun 4, 2007
I have an IKEA bed (can't think of the name off the top of my head right now...) but i didn't buy the slats. make sure you buy the mid-beam (it comes separately!) and then you can use your box spring and mattress. according to the description it didn't say anything about being able to adjust the height (like mine did) so your mattress might end up sitting pretty high. it'll probably go up to about the top of the footboard. mine does the same and it still looks good :smile:

also try you can search to see if anyone has asked that question or ask it yourself and someone might be able to help :smile:


Aug 2, 2009
I have the Leirvik bed... and I don't use a box spring. I just bought the midbeam and the wooden slats and put my mattress on top. Mine isn't as high as the one in that flickr picture... it's probably half as tall?


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May 10, 2006
Yes. Mattresses and box springs are getting ridiculously thick these days.

Before I got my new lower bed frame, I had to lift my pug onto the bed. She couldn't jump that high!

I hated feeling like my nose was just a few inches away from the ceiling.

My new bedframe is only around 7" off the ground. Love it.