HELP!! If not pick up from the custom, Would the bag be returned to the seller??

  1. hi, girls..I just bought a balenciaga city from one tpf member, which cost me $1200US. she put the full value and insured the bag, cos she didnt know the custom gonna charge lots tax. I may need to pay $300 AUD for the sad now.. Anyone knows if the bag could be return to the sender if no one pay the custom and pick it up? or they gonna held the bag for months!!...I dont wanna pay so much on tax!!hate it!
  2. I'm sorry to hear Snow
    Tough question...I honestly don't know but either way with horror storys I heard from all Post/custom offices It would be MUCH TOO RISKY for me to leave it there any longer than it has too..
    I'm always so glad when a bag gets to me safely..
    I'd take it as a lesson learned fee(happened to me just last month..:cursing:) and try to talk to sellers beforehand the next time IMHO
    either way, good luck!
  3. Snow I'm in Oz too and just had a similar experience. Australian limit is 1000AUD, that's why they're holding your bag.
    On the customs declaration the seller filled out, there are 3 options for her regarding nondelivery with checkboxes....
    "1. Treat as abandoned.
    2. Return to Sender. (item is subject to return charges at sender's expense.
    3. Redirect to address below: "
    So maybe you could ask the seller which box she checked?
    Hope that helps ;)
  4. you could ring up customs and refuse to pay them then they'll probably send it back to sender :smile:
  5. Thanks girls, make me not so worry now. I think I wil pay it if that is not terrible amt..after my calculation, around AUD220..sounds not too bad??
    Im trying to comfort myself now.. such a bad day...
  6. Awww.I know exactly how u feel..
    Austrian customs are very strict..everything over 50 Euros will be checked etc...
    SO I tr not to get in trouble with them(refuse payment etc.. cause thats what I thought about too...) because then theyll check ur mail more frequently..Isn't tha bizarre?!
    Anyway..I send u lot of sunshine to make ur day better:heart:
  7. Snow, on the 'upside'...according to my quick calculations you'll have paid about 1550AUD including the customs fee, so (if it's a newish bag) you're still way ahead of Cult Status' city price of AU$1,895 for retail.
  8. Your sunshine warms me up!!Oulaliscious.. and thanks for your calcuation! I feel much better now..thats why Aus Gov get $ - charge high tax! I will consider this payment as a lession learned fee ( as Oulaliscious said):smile: thanks girls,.. just need to wait until monday now.

    but what procedures I need to go through? are they going to send me a mail with a form?? do I need to show my paypal trans details??
  9. WOW...that is wrong. It is YOUR responsibility to pay all customs and taxes. It is 100% ILLEGAL to lie on customs forms and declare a lower value.
    Suck it up and pay the money.
    If I was the seller I would refuse the bag back and would never dream of refunding your money.

    Sorry to sound harsh but I've dealt with this as an eBay seller!! I always make sure to disclose to my international buyers that I won't lie and that they are responsible for everything.

    Edit: Ahhh I see you are going to pay it. Good!
  10. I have also dealt w/this as a seller. :cursing: The buyer didn't contact me, but went directly to PayPal and filed a dispute even though my auction clearly stated I would not reduce declared value on international purchase/shipments. Basically the buyer wanted a discount equal to her (unexpected) customs fees. After tying my funds up for over 30 days, PayPal (of course) ruled in my favor. PayPal even told me on the phone that it is the buyers responsibility to research customs fees, there is no way the seller would know or be responsible.

    Glad you are doing the right thing and paying for the bag.
  11. since this is clearly an eBay transaction I am going to move this to the eBay forum.
  12. my seller is great, she even paid more for my postage just wanna insure the value of the bag. just been surprised of the custom since never bought staff more than $1000..still feel exp, cos Im a uni student, not working at all. some girls could understand this i think..thanks for all your help. so nice ..MUAH
  13. I heard something like that. Here, if you don't take it over 2 weeks then it'll be return to owner or go for govern public auction but the practice, before they return it and if buyer refuse to pay the custom, custom and post office will release legal letters ( 2 pieces - one from each institution ) to shown that you refuse to pay custom and item will be return.
  14. ANYWAY,,feels even more balance now..I really dont wanna leave my beauty in custom for too long..too dangerous!!

    Anyone knows how long it might take to get the bag once it arrives in custom? do I need to fill any form & prove my paypal receipts when paying the duty? will they take care of your bag in the meantime you make payment? I hope they wont do anything to my baby,,..
  15. Can you tell them that it's a used bag??

    I had the same experience once, but I was leaving Australia the week after, so they let me have it without paying tax (because they assumed I will file a GST refund when leaving Australia)..