Help ID'ing this bag...

  1. A friend gave me a bunch of her new & like new Coach to sell for her on eBay... I'm almost done posting but have no clue what this little bag is. There is no # on the creed, its small only about 7" x 5" & has an adjustable handle. Anyone?!
    017.JPG 020.JPG 014.JPG
  2. A demi pouch of some sort.
  3. It looks like a mini duffle sac to me.
  4. I know, I know, I know. I just sold one in red. What do I get for telling ya?? hehe. And BTW, there should be a style number on the creed, mine had one!!
  5. It's called a soho mini duffle, I got mine from the outlet and the number is FS8956. I sold mine for $49.99 but it was red and NWOT's. Sold it back in Feb of this year. Good luck!
  6. Yep that's it!! But it doesn't have the style # on the creed... I know it's authentic though :confused1:
  7. Its a mini duffle...I sold my blue suede one last year...but it didn't have the number on the creed either. And I know it was authentic.
  8. you know what, mine didn't have one either, I remember having to dig up the receipt to figure out what it was called. oops (thought it did)..........but it still is the style number and name above that I mentioned.