Help IDing Courtney Cox's bag?

  1. She and David look fab in this picture!!! Does anyone know what kind of bag she's carrying? it's cute! Thanks!
  2. Wow. Is that really David?! That is the best I have ever seen him. He actually looks completely hot, and not like a complete dork.
  3. The designer of the bag is Lanvin, and there are some styles available for sale at and
  4. ^^^awesome, thanks Greendrv!!:flowers:
  5. I agree with you , he's HOT in that pic
  6. I saw David at a restaurant about 3 weeks ago. He looks really adorable in rl. I used to think he was such a dork, but after seeing him, I can totally see why he and Courtney make a cute couple.
  7. WOW:amazed: They both look really good.:tender:
  8. I know!!! I did a double-take on the pic too!!! He was such a slob before!!!! With Courtney's help and direction he has cleaned up his schlumpiness!!!:yes:
  9. I have a smaller version of that in turquoise patent and its' TDF. I'm waiting/hoping for the larger one to go on sale and I'll scoop up that dark blue one. The color is gorgeous.:heart:
    DSC00009.JPG DSC00010.JPG
  10. ^^^oooo, Greenie, thank you so much for posting your pictures of your turquoise patent!!! :flowers: It is simply stunning!:girlsigh: you are one lucky gal - bet you get lots of compliments when you take 'er out!:heart:
  11. My husband went to high school with Courtney and dated her sister.
    That's my little piece of star trivia!:P