Help IDing a bag pls...

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  1. I swear I've looked through all of the reference threads and photos but I couldn't find it! It's a reissue but it has essentially two compartments on the bottom...does this make sense? An extra section and retailed for $2550 or so CDN. Apparently it came in the hot metallic colours too so I would LOVE to find out what it is and hunt it down in metallic navy!
  2. It's a reissue double compartment. Comes in patent leather: red and navy. NM only order this in black crackled calfskin. If you need navy patent leather, you should go to the boutiq. The price is $2,475. Hope this helps!
  3. Thank you SO much! Well- there's a black one at Toronto Chanel if anyone is looking:smile:.
    Does it come in the navy or purple metallic also?