Help IDing a bag I saw in Celine...

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  1. So, my friend took me into Celine today for my first ever look around. Never been in before. (I'm a Chanel girl... until today!)

    There was THE most gorgeous bag on sale.
    And now I can't stop thinking about it :rolleyes:.

    Before I head back and use my SS09 Chanel money to buy it... I'd like to see if I can find more pics and prices elsewhere to see if I really do like it or if I was just wanting to spend. Apparently it's the "last one in Japan" so I'm guessing from last year's stock?
    Japan is SO expensive, and the exchange rate is killing at the mo. :crybaby:

    Here's the description, hope it's understandable.

    It was a black leather, structured squarish tote shape with a detachable shoulder strap and carry handles too.
    Part of the shoulder strap were chains (that Chanel hook again!).
    And best of all - on the front of the body of the bag were brightly coloured "buttons" that could be detached and rearranged.

    Can anyone help me find a pic to drool over and a name I can look into?

    TIA :heart:
  2. Anyone? :smile:
  3. So.... I couldn't resist and bought it :graucho:

    It's such fun and will brighten up my collection no end.

    Last one in Japan and apparently the last one in the world.
    AND it was half price in the sale. :yahoo:

    Thank you for your help bagergosum :heart:
  4. Oh that is cute! Excellent find :tup:
  5. very very cute, congrats!

  6. You're welcome! Enjoy your new bag!