Help identifying ysl bag

  1. Hi ,could someone help me identify this ysl bag please
  2. Hi, it is a mini Muse messenger bag.
  3. Many thanks
    Vive la France!
  4. lol ... you're welcome :hugs:
  5. Hey all. I am new to these forums, and I want to i.d. a YSL purse too. Since I'm a newbie, I'm not allowed to post any new threads so I hope you don't mind me piggybacking off of this thread.

    This is the purse:


    It's vintage, so any info on the name or even the time period it comes from would be helpful :smile:

    Thank you in advance
  6. I don't know anything about the bag, but I like it.
  7. ^^ yeah, me too. Sorry I don't know what this bag is called though.
  8. does anyone know what model of YSL this bag is? I don't think I've seen any Cassandre tassel models with a strap like this and not a chain
    thank you!

  9. replica ?
  10. I have a feeling it is a replica, because I really have not found a bag of that style with the tassel that also has a thick strap instead of the chain. Thank you so much for clarifying!
  11. Hello there!
    Could someone help me to identify this bag please :smile:
    Thanks in advance
    4692326051.jpeg 4692326051_2.jpeg
  12. Hi Girls! Can someone help me identify these YSL boots, please? Thank so much in advance :smile:

  13. Hi Everyone... I´m new here. I hope to do this right. Can someone help me identify this bag. It`s a 5-8 years old I think. Thanks in advance!!!
    YSLbag.jpg YSLbag2.jpg YSLbag3.jpg