Help identifying wallet name/price please. pics inc! :)

  1. [​IMG]

    i LOVE japanese brand magazines. I had to get one on while on transit in japan!

    Can anyone tell me the price/name of these wallets? Thank you!
  2. I'm no help but OMG I LOVE that pink classic flap (the brighter one)
  3. i just used one of those converter sites and i think the wallets are around 341.85

    but i don't know if i did the conversion right :shrugs:
  4. I think the black wallet on the left is the same one that I have. If it is, it retails somewhere between $650-675. I think Rose has it too and has posted some photos.
  5. I know that the orange make-up bag retails for $495. I was thinking about getting it in black. The rest I'm not sure about.
  6. That makeup bag is adorable :heart:.
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