Help Identifying Vanessa Hudgens' Top! :)

  1. I saw this while reading Megs' new Purse Blog posts! Who makes the top, does anyone know?? It's adorable! TIA!:heart:

  2. I have no idea - but it's sooo cute!
  3. Its really cute. My guess is Free People.
  4. Sorry I'm no help either, but it is cute!
  5. Thanks! I'll try looking at Free People tops! :smile:
  6. My guess would be Free People too. She shops at Urban Outfitters a lot.
  7. I'm actually pretty sure it's from anthropologie - but a year or so back
  8. ^^I was going to say, it looks like an anthropologie top. Even if it's from a past season, they have a ton of stuff like that all the time.
  9. oh wow! that is SUPER CUTE!!!
  10. anthropologie!
  11. It's By Free People I Have It.