Help Identifying This Wristlet? -Pictures Included

  1. I am hoping you ladies can help me identify the name of this wristlet. I bought it at a Coach Outlet in Summer of 2006.

    Here are some images:



    Thank you so much in advance!
  2. well I found this one on eBay and it looks like the same style as yours but a different color. it does not have a style # hmmm


  3. Do you still have the original receipt or price tag? Because that would help a lot with identification.

    I'm not 100%, but it looks like a Soho.
  4. I searched my closet this morning looking for the Outlet dust bag and receipt for this wristlet, but I couldn't find it. I did find some other Coach items in my closet though. :love:

    I think I have to agree with you, though. I was also thinking Soho.
  5. Looks like a soho piece to me.. not sure of the exact name or item number though
  6. i have that one and i agree, buckle looks soho, but for some reason in my mind it stuck out as from the hamptons collection? i could be wrong though. orig retail of mine was $78
  7. I think this is an outlet exclusive and they come in many colors. cute wristlet
  8. The buckle reminds me too of the soho line...but I am not an expert.. so it could be from the hampton collection. That is a cute wristlet!:yes:
  9. I am pretty sure it's Soho as well...and an outlet exclusive.