Help identifying this Blake color?

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  1. I bought this Blake from Scoop NYC earlier this year and for some odd reason, they don't inlcude the original tags with the bags. They called it White but it's not a stark white and I'm not sure what the real name of this color is. I think it's Oatmeal based on the color of the lining, the color of the thred and the silver hardware, but would love it if someone can confirm this for me. TIA!

    Here are some pics and links in case they're easier to see there:
    mjbag.jpg mjbag2.jpg mjzipper1.jpg mjzipper2.jpg
  2. Looks like oatmeal. Is the stitching brown?
  3. Yes, it's the same brown as the suede interior.
  4. That is the way my bag in oatmeal is too. I believe that is your color! Love it!
  5. Thanks for helping! Did you put anything on your Blake to protect the color? I'm a little concerned about it getting dirty.
  6. No, I have not done that yet. It is actually the Karolina in oatmeal. I got it over the summer and wore it pretty often. It has stayed really clean. I usually just wipe it with leather cleaner or baby wipes to keep it clean.
  7. Thanks again!
  8. I bought a Blake in White (color name printed on the original MJ tag) from Nordstrom a few months ago, it's not white-white; the stitching and suede lining were also brown. It looks just like yours (the picture in this link), I can't remember the color of the hardware though.

    There's another color called Stark White as well.

    The stitching of the Oatmeal styles (I saw) weren't as dark.
  9. Hmmmm. It's definitely a fall or winter 2005 color since I bought it in February 2006. Is there anywhere to look at what the past season's colors were?
  10. Check out Marc Jacobs . com for styles/colors starting from Resort 2005 Collection. White's probably released around the time frame as you mentioned. A Nordstrom SA was able to get the very last White Blake transferred in for me a few months ago, I returned it because I didn't love the obvious contrast stitching -- brown stitching on white leather (at that time at least). I went back for it the next day, but it was bought by another client already.

    I ended up getting a Blake in Linen (an off-white color), it has lighter stitching (grey I think) and blue suede lining. This season's Linen has a different color of suede lining (brown or tan).
  11. There are many colors in the white family: White, Stark White, Oatmeal, Eggshell, Ivory, Linen, etc. It's very hard to tell from looking at the pictures, which picture shows the true color of your bag?

    In addition to White & Oatmeal, Ivory styles have dark brown lining.
    OrangeMe - Shop Chic!
    Jennifer's Ivory Blake:
    Grace & Elongreach have Oatmeal MPs, Callmelulu has a White MP.
  12. We will need to start documenting the whites. It seems to be a great undertaking considering all the different variations!
  13. ^^Yes, I agree with that. I have three white bags and have always had trouble figuring out their real color names!