Help identifying leather

  1. I recently purchased a 13 yr old gold Bolide from a private party. The leather is rigid and it glows (as opposed to shiny) and thoughts on the ode to Bolide and the reference section leather book led me to believe it is courchevel.

    But I got caught in a short rainstorm yesterday and Yikes! I had water drop marks on the Bolide!

    Isn't courchevel fairly water resistant? I have a courchevel Trim and water runs right off. And a veau epsom Trim, same deal. Both great in flash rain storms, no worries.

    The rain drops dried pretty quickly and left no mark, so I am puzzled and need the help of the leather experts here. Can it be chevre mysore? From reading the leather book, it sounds similar. My Bolide has a nice sheen.

    It looks almost like vache liegee. But that's too new for this bag, right?

    So many questions! I'll take a closeup in the light if that would help deductions.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  2. A close up detail of the texture would be great, Katel.

    Pretty bag, congratulations.

    I :heart: :heart: the bolide.
  3. A close up would definitely help. The leather looks smooth in this picture, not textured. Nice bag, BTW.
  4. It almost looks like Chamonix, Katel. Is there a grain?
  5. From that photo, it looks like it has a grain like courcheval...
  6. OK, I'll take a close up pic when that computer gets freed, later this afternoon. It does have a very small grain.

    Does courchevel absorb water drops? (If so, then my Trim is not courchevel!!) The rain left marks yesterday! (But thankfully they dried and left no permanent mark.)

    thanks CB and golconda :heart:
  7. it looks like the leather on the HAC I have on my avatar it is Courcheval leather?
    the handles look a little dark it could be baleria..
  8. Would need to see an up close and personal photo of the grain to tell. If it's smooth but not like box, it's probably chamonix. Courchevel and veau grain lisse are very similar but they both have a distinct grain. Let's see a closeup.
  9. ^^^ Well, no, it's not smooth. It has a very small grain. But what is confusing me is it looks like my courchevel Trim, but not as *shiny*(plastic-y); it has more of a glow. And, unless I'm wrong and my Trim is not courchevel, the Bolide is a different leather from my Trim as my Trim repels water and the Bolide absorbed it yesterday but then dried without leaving any spots.

    I am really puzzled. I'll take a pic asap; thanks all.
  10. OK, here's a close up of my gold Bolide:

    gold bolide leather.jpg
  11. just for comparison, here's the leather on my black 31 Trim II, which is to my knowledge courchevel. They are definitely different textures and looks. Also, the Trim repels water with no marks, and the gold Bolide took on water briefly, then dried. Thanks for your help!

    black trim courchevel.jpg
  12. hmmm....where is HermesGroupie? She will be a great help on this!
  13. Maybe veau grain lisse?
  15. Hmmmm...looks like a Courcheval or Veau Graine Lisse...sorry can't tell the difference bt these two, they're very similar....