Help identifying colour

  1. Can anyone tell me the correct name for this colour, in the pics it looks gold but i saw one irl yesterday and the sa told me it was metallic silver? not so sure she clearly didn't know the correct name.
    2c3f_12.jpg 4017_12.jpg
  2. i am sorry although i dont know the color's name.. but i almost fainted from its beauty!! girl is this the one u said u are waiting for? OMG its out of this planet!! its goooooorgeous!! :yahoo:
  3. This is the one i'm waiting for, should be with me in the morning, i can't wait!! i will post picks when she arrives, i'm so excited.... i think it might be metallic taupe?? not sure. i got to stop buying them. This will be my first front pocket padyy, all the others are classic paddy shape, i hope i like her as much
  4. Von?? It could be Argent (the color of my Betty in the Avatar). It's a bronzy/silver. I can't tell for sure in your pic?
  5. I was going to say Argent too :yes:
  6. I can post better pics when she arrives, hopefully tomorrow!!
  7. It could be Argent? Kind of looks like a Metallic Canelle..hehe. =p
  8. Shes here! i'll try to take some pics that capture the colour better
  9. I took a few but this is the best one to show the colour
  10. Looks metallic taupe on my computer...GORGEOUS! I have this in the medium goes with EVERYTHING, and is stunning! ENJOY!:yahoo::yahoo:

  11. Look at that pillowy soft scrumptious bag. Like a fellow tPFer said, "If I was a dog I'd be chewing on it!":upsidedown:
  12. WOWEE! This bag snob says that is one heck of a purse. J'adore the couleur and I want it plain and simple!
  13. Looks like metallic taupe to me... I have an Argent Paddy and to be honest it doesn't look Argent to me at seems more "goldy" tones than mine, so I'm guessing metallic taupe!!! Gorgeous color for that bag though....