Help identifying bag please!

  1. [​IMG]

    Hi guys! I'm dying to know what this bag is. I'm thinking it's either from the Rock ligne or the Rock & Chain ligne? I got the picture from the Chanel website.

    I know the Rock ligne was made of vinyl, but the material looks like the distressed black patent leather than they used to make the Luxe ligne patent totes in (I have pics of mine in the ref library to compare). Is it possibly vinyl? B/C the pictures looks exactly like my other Chanel in black patent leather..

    Or is it from another ligne completely?

    Any info or more pictures is greatly appreciated. TIA! :smile:
  2. it's the Rock ligne and it is vinyl unfortunately!it's the light while the pic was taken that makes it look like distressed patent-I wish it were!
    Here is a pic courtesy of ch3rryblOsssOms:
  3. ^Thanks a lot for the info. Sad. I love the design of the bag but I refuse to pay that much for vinyl.
  4. You're welcome:smile:!I absolutely agree with you I love so much all vinyl designs I hope they release them in leather in future!:girlsigh: