Help identifying a handbag on Monk


Jan 29, 2006
I am trying to find out the handbag that Natalie on the TV show Monk is currently carrying on the show. It's a suede hobo in what looks to be an eggplant color. I tried to find a picture to post but couldn't. Does anyone have any idea what brand/style it is? Please help me, I LOVE that bag! :love:
Hi. I'm so sorry I can't help you, as I don't watch that show, but I just wanted to say that it's so funny that you brought the show up -- there's not all that much written about it, and it's my aunt's favourite show!
Bummer, I was hoping somone knew the bag. Thanks anyway. Perhaps your aunt knows???

OK ladies, anyone up for a challenge, tune into USA Network on Friday @ 10pm EST and try to id my bag. :biggrin: