Help identifying a handbag (a different one from last post)

  1. Saw this on an N.Y.C. subway this morning (11/6):

    A knitted (or maybe crocheted) satchel in fat zigzag stripes of red, pink, and cream (or off white). The bottom corners of the bag had patches of chocolate brown leather with studs in them. It had two pom poms on it.

    Any idea?

    Thank you!
  2. Sounds like an I. Fiore...or inspired by...especially with the pom poms
  3. Also sounds a little Juicy Couture -ish
  4. I found the one that I was thinking of on a post here. It is from 2 winters ago, I think, but maybe last year, and had another version with blues and greens and pinks...
    And, BTW, I was in the minority that liked this bag. Wanted one for myself, but changed my mind, beacuse I was not quite enough "in love" with it for the price. it really is much cuter in person than in the pics. Colors are bolder. Reminded me of a fuzzy and colorful comfy sweater.
  5. Good memory! that does fit the description! :smile:
  6. Thanks, it was what immediately came to mind.;) (the pom poms were a help)
  7. Thanks, all! I'm going to try to track it down. Maybe it's on eBay. Meanwhile, I here's a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag whose colors are very similar...
    Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.jpg
  8. So I am guessing the IF was NOT the bag you are talking about?
  9. The bag I showed was ANOTHER bag, with similar colors, also of fabric.

    I still haven't found the bag I saw this morning. If it IS an I. Fiore, it's not from this season. It has the pom poms and the the leather on the bottom corners, but it is MUCH cleaner looking, colorwise, than the bag in the link above. It has only two or three colors in the bag (red, pink, and cream, I believe), fat stripes in a zigzag pattern. It looks like the pattern you'd see on an Indian blanket.

    Anyway, I'll keep looking, but if anyone figures out what this is/was, please let me know.

    P.S. The Sak also makes a lot of woven bags, but I looked at The Sak bags and the Isabella Fiore bags on the Web sites for, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bergdorf Goodman. I didn't see the bag anywhere.