Help identify

  1. I saw this at tj maxx today. It was $99, and can't decide whether I need it or not. Does anyone have any info on it? Took the pic from eBay, I think the original price was $328.
    coach.jpg red.jpg
  2. ahh they have those at my tj maxx too. theyre some kind of tweed peice...i think possibly a factory bag? i think its a nice bag, but not for me, although i did almost buy the tote version.
  3. I believe this is a factory bag. I have a wristlet that matches, but it's blue. They had both the red and the blue bags and accessories at the outlet this past November when I went. I don't think any of this stuff was left on my most recent visit to the outlet (last week). Maybe that is why they are showing up at tj maxx.
  4. It's a Tweed Hamptons Carryall I think... let me try to get a style no. on it. It was factory exclusive.

    EDIT: It's the Hamptons Herringbone Carryall in ROSE, no. 11215. It came in blue too.
  5. At $99, it seems like such a great deal. But, I guess that's not a good reason to get it. That's still a lot of money (for me), and I could put it towards something I absolutely love. Though it still is a good looking bag, I think.

    I thought for a while that I had stumped everyone! Thanks for helping!
  6. I've seen this bag sitting in department stores for a couple of years now...I think it's at TJ Maxx because it won't sell! I saw it there too.
  7. i saw it in tjmaxx too. For some reason it does not seem as "nice" as some of the other coach bags. just my opinion. For 100 bucks I bet you could find something nicer.