Help identify vintage Hermes

  1. I recently inherited a collection of vintage handbags (Hermes, Gucci, Christian Dior) as well as a box of Hermes scarves from a great aunt. I believe most are from the 1960's and '70's, but I was wondering if someone could help me to learn more about them. I am attaching pictures of one of the Hermes bags; any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. is a pic of the purse from afar.
  3. It looks like a Drag bag. Very nice!
  4. Quinn's Mom's right!
  5. does she have to go there? this is identifying, not authenticating.

    PLUS there are very valuable pics here of aged leather, etc.

  6. And from her shots it is gorgeous!!! I would love a vintage Drag!!! Look at that patina! If you need help with scarf titile and such feel frre to post pics here as well.
  7. Yep! I love these kinds of threads. Keeps me on top of my Hermes trivia.
  8. O.o I would be quite worried if my so called "auntie" had a drag bag?

    What's the story behind this name, assuming it's not for wigs, oversized female shoes and fake assets? :confused1:
  9. No, actually this is the correct place for her to post this question. The Authenticate This thread is only for authenticating bags.
  10. Thank you gals so much for the info! I have another vintage Hermes bag that I will post pics of later (I need help figuring out what that one is as well). I have found some info on many of the scarves online; they are mostly from the sixties and are in mint condition! I am having such an amazing time playing with all of my new treasures! Thanks again!
    One more question: how can I go about pinning down what year, or at least what decade, the Hermes bags are from?
  11. Look around the bag especially the interior. You should see a series of embossed stamps. If you could take pics or descibe them, we can tell you the exact year.
  12. the 'hermes paris' stamp indicates it's from before the early 70's, when the us adopted import regulations requiring a country of origin mark -- that's when the 'made in france' was added to the gold stamp.

    it's interesting that this was so late -- country of origin marking was required in the 1890's for porcelain.
  13. Calangford, What a wonderful inheritance! The Drag Bag has amazing looks almost like Barenia...

    I DID NOT know this...such great info. Thanks, DQ.
  14. Whoa - that's the prettiest drag bag I've seen yet... I love the browns and this one has great patina!!