Help identify this!!!

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  1. I wouldn't really think it's LV inspired, tons of designers have made that style, but I think it's called a boston bag. They use to have it on elux but I don't see it anymore.
  2. I agree!

    I've seen quite a few older Dior bags (from the 70s or so) that have this shape and logo print, too, but it's definitely not solely LV's design.
  3. indeed its called dior logo boston bag .. it came in blue/red/green logo canvas
  4. And pink! I have it. (but I think it was limited edition and came out around the same time as the girly bags).
  5. I believe they are discontinued? ( plz correct me if im wrong)
    They were on sale 30%(?) in australia , early this year
  6. yeah it's dior boston, have the red one myself. i don't know if it's discontinued or not, it might, but dior boutique in my home town (jakarta) still have it in store (saw it weeks ago)... one left though...
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