Help: Identify this silver bracelet

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  1. I have searched the net and found a few pics of this bracelet under the name of Puzzle bracelet but can't find anything else. It doesn't appear in Ode to Silver either. Does anyone know it's proper name and when it was available and idea of retail. I have never seen it in store but quite like it.


  2. I have seen this at auction and in vintage shops in Europe and I think it is actually called "Puzzle" (in the sense of jigsaw puzzle, same word in Anglais and French); as far as I know it only comes in sterling with bronze. I know that is not much help :shame:
  3. I saw the listings too but as I really couldn't find anything else it made me wonder whether this was an inspired by Hermes piece as opposed to a genuine one.

    I am still not too sure.
  4. Oh, no it's a real production piece - I meant I've seen it IRL - but I can't tell you if this one is real, of course :smile: