Help identify this LV bag

  1. R0014371-thumb.jpg
  2. josephine (sp)isnt it ?
  3. R0014371-thumb.jpg
  4. Doesn't look like it.

    I can't see any LV logo on that bag!!!
  5. Where??

    The tag looks like it. And the lock. ??
  6. look to the left of the lock, there is an LV right here.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Do you know what is the name of this bag??

    I tried search Josephine but nope. None looks like this bag.

    I'm so going crazy for not being able to know the name!
  9. you'll have to search mini monogram and see what you can find. not sure if the name if its not the josephine.
  10. the louise
    let me scan a pic for you
  11. You found it??!!?

  12. hth
    louise 001.jpg
  13. thanks!!!

    His looks so much softer.
  14. They get that way after being used :smile:
  15. is that really his blog? i love edison chen. he's freaking adorable!