Help identify this Hermes bag...


Hermes Here I Come
Mar 16, 2008
Hi all

I was in the Hermes Paris store a few weeks ago and the SA was showing me a pretty purse which i decided not to get (still kicking myself in the butt for not doing so!)

I never got the style of the bag and have reseached on Hermes Styles but never managed to find it on here...?

The bag is recommended by the SA as a must have for "everyday use" shoulder bag, with 2 zips on the top so when you want to find something, you can simply unzip only one side. If i remember correctly, there are also 4 metal feet on the bottom of the bag? She mentioned that the leather was clemence and the price was about 2100 EURO (approx USD 3000)...

Sorry for the vague description but i do badly want to take a glimpse of this bag again so if anyone can help post pics or name the style- greatly appreciated!!



30th anniversary cuff
Aug 31, 2008
The verlan is a tote - looks very polished - like an H version of chanel cerf - for about 4k usd though. . .I recall zippers on part and open in part and long enough to fit an A4 file. Shoulder friendly