Help! identify this gucci bag!

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  1. Hey everyone! I got this bag as a present a few months ago and i was just wondering what this model is called. I tried looking through gucci website but i cant find this particular model. So i was just wondering if anyone of you could maybe help me out, coz i'd really like to know the name of this bag. I even have a matching wallet..

    Oh yeah, and it is definitelly authentic ofcourse, no doubt about that.


  2. ^^If no one answers here, try asking in the Gucci thread.
  3. from the the shape i think the name might be bouvier but its just a guess.
  4. Yeah, the shape is definitelly bouvier-like, but then the bouvier bags that i found look a little different (and i dont mean different colour or fabric, coz i know that most bags they have in different leather colours and what not).. the little golden lock though doesnt match with the bouvier bags i found.. and i also saw somewhere that the bouvier bag is also called "jackie o".. so i'm getting confused here. i will probably post this on the gucci thread and see what i can get from there.
  5. I'll clsoe this as we don't allow duplicates.
    I'm leaving the one in the Gucci Forum, because that's where this topic belongs.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.