Help Identify This CHANEL!

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  1. Thank you Irene! Do you happen to know the price? :smile:
  2. It should be somewhere near $3000, not sure of the exact number though-
  3. I have never seen a bag like this before. I think it is from the 80s, but i'm not sure. Can anyone tell me the name of this bag? I love the chain also, what is the name of the chain?
    $T2eC16F,!ygE9s7HHhD0BQm(K3n-(g~~60_58.JPG $(KGrHqF,!oUFB0VfBy50BQm(LT2,Hg~~60_58.JPG $(KGrHqV,!oUFB0WPFMu5BQm(LoDyB!~~60_58.JPG $(KGrHqJ,!hwFBdfwCisDBQm(L2rn4Q~~60_58.JPG
  4. hello, could someone please help me identify this bag? TIA

  5. I think it's the Diamond Stitch Tote.
  6. Can you please help me identify this beauty

  7. thank you. Do you know if its still available?
  8. I haven't seen it in my local boutique last time I was there, but there were people posting it in recent purchases. You might have to shop around to find it. Good luck!
  9. can someone tell me the "model" of this bag?



Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.