Help Identify This CHANEL!

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  1. Anybody knows what model is this?
  2. It's a vintage lambskin tote, very pretty. The older/vintage styles didn't have any names.

  3. I think Sienna Miller is the other lady, not the one carrying the GST :smile:
  4. True, but the OP asked about the bag of Sienna Miller's sister and she's carrying a GST :smile:
  5. Thank you!! :p
  6. my mom has this - same medallion charm, same body. . . I think she bought hers between 1989-1991
  7. Hi! can anyone help me identify this Chanel?
    It's pebbled leather, chocolate brown tote.


  8. ^ Looks like a vintage Cerf tote?

  9. It's an older style and it doesn't have any name. I used to own this tote in black; it was a 5 series tote, I believe.
  10. Hello ... Can you please help identify this Chanel?

    Does this model exist? If yes, how is it called? and does it look authentic?




    Thanks ....
  11. Can you girls take a look at this bag and let me know what's the name of it? I found the pictures online but dont see it in stores or on Chanel website,,,

    and i am looking forward to get my very first Chanel, sorry the pictures are a lot blurry!

    chanel 1.JPG chanel 2.jpg
  12. The.. new e/w coming out in March? That could be why you haven't seen it anywhere else yet. I'm probably wrong, heh.
  13. Thanks shadowyi
    It looks pretty big tho,, looks bigger and softer than e/w
    but i'm new to Chanel,,
    I'm considering this one and the white flap caviar
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    These pics were probably taken last year (or even earlier), so the bag is not new, it does look like a bubble quilt design, but I don't know if it was ever released in white. maybe some other pfers can help.
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