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Feb 18, 2012
Good Afternoon All,

While at the mall today my sister saw this Coach that she absolutely fell in love with. Unfortunately they were on someone else's shoulder. There were two women carrying the same exact purse but in different colors. So I'm trying to help my sister identify the purse so she can purchase it online. So here goes, one was gunmetal leather and the other was like a cobalt blue patent. At first I thought it was a Maggie because it looked like it may have compartments but it had a crossbody strap. It had the metal logo with horse and carriage. It sat on the shoulder with two straps I believe and hung a little low on the torso. The zipper can be seen from the back when carried. Neither my sister nor myself are brave enough to ask someone about the style number for their purse.

That's about all I can remember but I hope this helps someone think of the name of the purse. Thanks in advance for all your help.


Sep 8, 2009
It sounds like you might be describing a Large Madison Shoulder Bag. It only has one compartment, though. It was available in several colors. Two of them are gunmetal leather (15958) and cobalt patent leather (15991). Did it look like this?...


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