Help identify this bag...thanks

  1. Can you please help me identify this bag and where I can purchase it from? I went to the lv website but I didn't see it.

    lv pic.jpg
  2. Thats the cabas globe shopper from last years collection
  3. That looks like a horrible fake of the cabas globe shopper. That pink looks neon!!
  4. Man, Jill. That took you two minutes to answer. You're slow today. You should be on a game show called "Name That Purse." :wlae:
  5. The bag in the picture is fake. LV did not make it in hot pink.
  6. Its very pretty in blue..if you can find one on eBay
  7. Thanks you guys...I actually saw this purse on myspace, which is where I got the photo from. Thanks for identifying it as fake too because the link and the person/company that was trying to sell it, claimed that it was "authentic." Do you know where I can purchase an authentic one for in the blue? What is the retail price of these purses?

    Thanks again for the quick responses.
  8. This bag is no longer in production, so your best bet is eBay. Let-trade has the GM version in yellow. Hope that helps!
  9. horrible fake