Help identify this bag LiLo is carrying?

  1. Can anyone help me ID this bag?
    I like how it's croc but casual~ Could it be real croc? Or Embossed?
  2. Hmmmm truly no one?
    Please help~
  3. That handle looks like a lot of Rock & Republic bags
  4. I have no idea but I like it!! Hope someone knows.
  5. Yeah I think it's R&R, and it looks like embossed rather than real croc. Good luck!
  6. I don't know but at first glance I thought D&B or LV because of the metal plate. I doubt it's LV though because it looks embossed.
  7. I agree that it looks embossed, but not sure about the brand. Sorry!
  8. No idea here, either... agree with others that it looks embossed - very 'even'.
  9. I love the bag, but I have no clue! Will someone please call the fashion police about those leggings??? I am so tired of seeing her in them. Someone send her a pair of jeans!
  10. :shrugs:
  11. have no idea :sad: sorry
  12. Oh no.....
    I thought someone could figure it out by that matalic label on the bag...
    Perhaps it's form an unknown designer.
    I thought it was a pretty cool looking bag.
    Thanks for your efforts ladies~:tup:
  13. It doesn't seem to fit into the style of any of the major brands like D&B, Coach, Chanel, LV etc.

    Could very well be from a smaller unknown designer.

    Maybe Lilo could come in and let us know what bag it is :biggrin:
  14. what kind fo shoes is she wearing??
  15. I have no idea either. sorry....