Help identify the red bag in header

  1. I tried clicking on the header to find the bag in the handbags add titled "Arm Candy" but the red one isn't in the images provided and therefore is not credited.

    Does anyone know what designer the red bag is by?
    Every other bag pictured in the header is named when you click on it, but not the red for some reason!
  2. Is it this bag? This one is by Salvatore Ferragamo.
  3. no
    crap, i'm gonna have to take a screenshot of the header
  4. Never fails..every time I log on, that header is when I really want to see it, it does not show up! Anyways, is this it?

    if so, it's a Dolce & Gabbana
    $895, D&G; (212) 965-8000
  5. no, those two red ones are on the site when you click on the header.. but the one that's not on there is the one i was wondering about.

    You're so right. I see it all the time, and when I want tos ee it, It's not there anymore
  6. That bag catches my eye all the time. Was just about to ask the same question...
  7. Here it is. Anyone know?

  8. Haha! Diamondgirl thanks!! I've been reloading the page in hopes that it'd show up or something...

    Yes, that is the red bag I'm talking about
  9. no idea!
  10. Looks so similar to the M my MJ Delancey bag,but don't think it is.
  11. No, def. not the delancey.. the delancey has those bolt shaped studs...
    Ugh! It's probably something obvious too