Help identify the colour of these bags!

  1. Hihi:smile:
    I saw this bag at an online shop and was wondering if this is the greige colour. The bag is from the 2006 fall/winter collection (W) that's why I assumed it is.

    And also, is this bag the same colour as the one above? They look kinda similar. It is described as "ivory" but I don't remember hearing of such a colour. Could it be the Calcaire?

    Thanks in advance:flowers:
  2. Looks like greige city to me... the one you linked to looks like calcaire work, but I'm not sure, have to see the tag
  3. Thanks! I'd love to get a calcaire bag but I prefer the city:sad: The work is actually cheaper than the city.
    Should I get it? I'm not supposed to be buying another bag until January, I guess I'll wait until then and if it's still there next Jan I'll get it:idea:
  4. hmm.. looks like greige to me too.