Help identify my old friend :)

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  1. This was my first designer bag bought back in summer 2002 from Lafayette in Berlin



    At the time I really didn't know much about bags (I was 15!) so I didn't keep any receipts, cards or even bother to take a look at the model name. I just remember loving it with all my :heart:. Quite a weird choice for a 15-year-old but that's love, unpredictable. hahaha
    Would love to know what the name of this bag, so need u guys' help!:yes:
  2. I have no idea but what a good eye for a 15 year old. I didn't get into bags till the last 5 years or so (I'm still unde 30 but just barely!)...

    Regina? Any ideas? You seem to know tons about burberry. :smile: Sorry I can't be more help, Vani...
  3. I've seen this line before but can't recall the name, sorry
  4. soxfan777: haha, I started quite early but wasn't really consistent. I got a LV bag at 16 and stopped there until this year hahaha :wlae:

    Addy: Oh, that's great that u can remember the line! was starting to loose hope hehe

    thanks both of you for having a look :smile: seems like I have a toughie! :Push:
  5. Oh dear... that bag I am not familiar's nice, though!
    I am not even sure that this bag has a name, because it doesn't look like one of their basic designs like the Manor or Beaton...
    Regina :confused1:
  6. oh dear, so this is harder than I thought it would be :Push: hehe. I think I should give it a name of my own! haha. I reckon I'll pop into burberry and ask them if they know the model. now I am even more curious!
  7. Burberry SA was terribly rude, jumped into the conclusion that I was looking for an authentification and practically turned her back on me. :sad:
    I guess this bag will remain a mistery for a long time to come... :wlae:
    thx guys for your help! am glad I tried :smile:
  8. ^^^ Sorry to hear that you did not receive acceptable customer service - how shameful!

    I will keep an eye and ear out for the style name :smile:
  9. It's a lovely bag- you had quite the excellent taste at a young age!
  10. I was very shocked at the SA's attitude but oh well... what can one do...! I refuse to give up though!
    Thx for your help! You guys are better than SAs!! :flowers:

    Thanks! I'm glad the bag is like-able because when I wore it at 15 most of my friends made fun of me and my "old-lady bag"! I didn't care though, cause I loved it very much! Glad I'm not alone in my love :smile:!