Help identify my new balenciaga day!=)

  1. Okay, I just got this day..but i have no idea what the color/season it is! can you bbag experts help out? TIA!:heart:
    Img5874.jpg Img5875.jpg Img5876.jpg Img5878.jpg
  2. Looks like either Calcaire or Pale Pink to me... congrats! I LOVE the Day style!
  3. it's definitely not pale rose because the seller said it was beige? so i guess it's calcaire..? thanks ttucker!=)
  4. It might have been a white, ivory or calcair?
  5. anyone know what season it might be from?
  6. I'm not sure, but congrats on the new bag!!!! :yahoo: I love the day style, good choice!!
  7. If it's calcaire it would be 2005!
  8. aw thanks ladybugfreckle!:smile:
  9. I am kind of leaning towards Calcaire.

    Whichever it is - it is lovely, the leather looks wonderful. Congratulations!!!