HELP identify my clutch!!

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  1. Hi everyone, I have a green, EPI leather clutch that was given to me from a business associate from the UK. This woman is terrible "posh", and I KNOW its a real LV. I have learned about the "code date", and after looking and looking I found it! I was so excited, it was tucked near the side seam toward the back of the bag. It's hard to read, but I am pretty sure it says 872 M something. I used it the one time and that was all, and she does not want it back, and I want to sell it on eBay this coming week. I can't find ANY information on this bag, and I am thinking it is really an older style. Oh, it looks just like an "envelope". It looked great with my little black dress, but I know I will never use it again, its just too small for me, I need to carry my "stuff", you know! Can anyone help me please, since I am not a LV collector. I am thinking I have a clutch here that is worth a couple of hundred dollars. I would appreciate any feed back fromyou gals, because I know your all much more into LV than I ever will be. Thank you. Marilyn
  2. A picture would of course help, but from your description I think it´s the Epi envelope clutch. Don´t think there is a special name for it.
  3. WOW, thank you SOOO MUCH!! That yellow/gold colored one is almost EXACTLY the same. The one I have does not have a zipper inside, and the inside is a smooth leather. Did that one sell for $195.00 US dollars? Boy, thank you so very much, you really, really helped me. At least I know where to start with an e-bay price. I appreciate it so much! Marilyn
  4. NOPE not that one. It did look like that "yellow" one in the above link. It looks just like an envelope. I am going to start the bidding at $125.00 cause I hate all that dragging on and on and on. It's a nice clutch, I think it will sell. If you can answer one more LV bags get MORE valuable as they get older and dis-continued? I would think they do. anyway, thank you everyone for all the help. Marilyn
  5. but I´ve never seen green epi, marylin, are u sure is green?
  6. oh now I saw it, sorry I guess I lost sth, hehe I never in my life saw green epi... weird thing I never minded though...
  7. Well, this bag is way before you time, if I am reading that date code, it was made in 1972!! I have it up on e bay now, go see how I did!! Marilyn
  8. actually your date code says that your bag was made in July of 1982 :yes:
  9. Ohhhhh, see I didn't know that!!! Well, it just goes to show your a REAL LV collector.!!!
  10. WAIT A does 872 work out to be JULY, 1982????? Why would they seperate the date that way? That doesn't sound right.
  11. ^^That was the way the old date codes were laid out...7 represents July (7th month) and 82 is the year.
  12. 872 means February 1987
  13. Is this it?

    Pic of Epi Arts Deco from mypoupette dot com: