Help identify Katherine Heigl's bag!!

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  1. Hey guys, I need some help!! Anyone know the designer of the bag Katherine Heigl has been seen sporting??? Any help is greatly appreciated!!


  2. No one??
  3. I have no idea where I've seen it, but somehow it looks so familiar :thinking:
  4. I saw the same one on Sienna Miller last Fall.
  5. Come to think of it that might be why it seems familiar. It looks like a style maybe YSL might make...
  6. hm.. it looks like there is some sort of center strap that is supposed to go over.. maybe she has it flopped back.

    the handles are so odd! 2 sets!
  7. that little lock on the zipper is screaming Prada to me
  8. I was thinking maybe Prada too
  9. It seems also a bit Miu Miu-ish
  10. it is gorgeous...i would love to raid her closet!!
  11. I dont know about that one, looks like an updated briefcase from the 80s. Like she needs to wear a power suit and white reeboks while carrying her heels (looks like a pump, feels like a sneaker).
  12. Does it at all look like the Zufi Alexander Kiss Me Weekend Bag? Obviously not in the croc I am posting, but in leather... with the flower removed...
  13. I *think* this could be it... or something VERY similar!
  14. It HAS to be that Zufi bag Megs, it looks exactly like it.
  15. Megs, I think you got it!!