Help! Identify Gucci bag model!

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  1. Hey everyone! I've already posted this question on a different thread, but thought i'd have better chances getting an answer here.

    I got this Gucci bag 4 months ago (as a present) and i was wondering what this model is called. Somebody said it looks like bouvier, and i guess it does, but then it doesnt match with the bouvier bags i found on gucci's website. I mean the lock (or whatever it's called) is different, on the website all the bouvier bags have some sort of a clip or something.. the bottom is also kinda different.. and i couldnt find this colour anywhere either.. The bag is definitelly authentic, there is no doubt about that. Unless ofcourse the Gucci store in Cannes in France is selling fakes.. ;)

    I also heard that the bouvier bags used to be called jackie o.. but i guess that doesn't have anything to do with my bag..
  2. i think thats called the "bouvier" but I'm not 100% sure
  3. that lock is the piston lock.. i know this definitely isn't called a bouvier but i can't quite recall the name.
  4. hmmm... now that i've thought about it, i think its a reworked look from the "Piston" collection circa 2003/2004. of course, this one is more recent with the guccissima leather but the bouvier has been reworked as well and i love the new ones!
  5. So pretty!
  6. Thank you, windycityaj! I also think its pretty:smile:)

    pixiedust82, I'm not at all familiar with Gucci's different collections, as I've understood, this bag is a reworked version of some bag from the piston collection? but is there anyway I can find out the name of the bag??? without contacting any of the gucci stores coz there are none here.. Well, even if i don't find out thank you for shedding at least some light on this issue:smile:)
  7. Please post these pics and questions in NAME THAT GUCCI THREAD at top of forum!
  8. Thanks! I will!
  9. Closing
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