help Identify Chanel Cardigan Blazer!

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  1. I received this Chanel cardigan blazer as a gift, I know it was in sex and the city the" turtle and the hare" and Marge simpson wore it(lol) but I can not for the life of me mind and solid information as to time period or facts CAN ANYONE HELP ME !!!!:nuts:

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  2. Purely speculation here, from the button design/style, I'd say early 90s. I take it there is no tag at the neckline inside.
  3. Thank you for your help I hope this can help any, I forgot to add it!

    I hope you can see it:
    Collection 22
    style 2081 (6 or 4)
    color 08
    fabric (d I think) 01

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  4. This i do know -- that tag is the type that appeared in the rtw when I was first falling in love with Chanel. Your best bet at pinpointing the exact year is finding a SA who has worked at Chanel a long time. The collection 22 is the key piece of information. You could try calling Bobbie at NM at Tyson's, 1 877 877 1849. She worked at the DC Boutique before it closed and she really knows Chanel!
  5. thank you Jmen for you help, Thank you very much!