Help identify bag!??

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  1. Hi, I bought a very cool handbag from a high end consignment shop and I am pretty certain it is from a fashion forward designer but i don't know who: the icon, which is on the dustbag and on a metal tag inside the purse is like a handwritten "e" with four eyelashes coming off the top or, in the alternative, like an eye with four eyelashes and a line looping down (hence making it look like an eye).
    the bag is SO wild: it appears to be (and might be) a tan straw safari hat, yellow stray inside, make into a purse. there is a dark green canvas flap that covers the top, a tiny vanity mirror framed in leather which is housed in a tiny leather pocket. the mirror has the metal tag with this icon on it. The pocket in which it is found also has a letter A embossed on it. there is also a stretchy cord for keys. there is a cotton pocket inside (blue stripe and blue check) and a LOT of leather work outside: thick leather handles, leather wrapped around the bottom, grommets. the dustbad is nylon with frayed cloth handles and the icon printed on it.
    Very nice workmanship and a totally wild piece!
    Any ideas about this icon?
    thanks a million,
  2. any pics?
    that would help a lot!
  3. Sounds interesting! Pics, please!