Help Identify a bag on Project Runway

  1. Last year on the Season 3 PR there was a bag on the "accessory wall" that I fell in love with but never identified -seeing it in a comercial for the rerun reminded me of it.

    OK - SO - it's on the accessory wall - when Tim Gun is talking to the designers it's usually just to the left of his head as you look at the screen. It has leather handles and looks like the body is an off white canvas with a blue/green "compas rose" or carnation type design centered and printed on it.

    I know I have no hope of finding it this year - well maybe at TJs or Marshalls - but does anyone know who it's by?
  2. Hm. I think Macy's sponsored them this year (not Banana Republic like the previous season)... so it could be any brand that Macy's carries...

    I could be completely wrong though
  3. I think Luna's right, I believe that's what Tim said when he was telling the designers that they could use the wall for that one challenge
  4. it was a macy's wall..