Help! ID this messenger!

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  1. Hi! I'm brand new to Burberry, but I love this bag! Can anyone give me info. on it? Style? Price? Opinions?

    Thanks! :smile:

  2. OH i would love to know aswell.
  3. I have this bag. Not sure of the name but i got it at the outlets. I got it serval months ago at the Vacaville Outlets in Ca. Got it for $359. I will try to find my receipt to see if the name of the bag is on there. Will report back later.
  4. I so appreciate that! Thanks! Do you like the bag? I'm on the fence about getting it. I'd love to get your opinion! :smile:

  5. Yup, loved it!! It's my fav bag to use when I'm out shopping and the bag is pretty roomy too.. you can put lots of stuff in it. =)
  6. Thanks for the info.! Can I ask another favor? Do you have any pics of you wearing the bag? I'd love to see it actually in use. It's so hard to get an idea from a stock photo. The seller is offering the bag $265 and it's a lot of money for me- especially without being able to try it on first! Any pics would be much appreciated! Thanks! :smile: