Help!!! ID this dress or something similar

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  1. I'll be attending a wedding and I would like to wear something like this,not too open,but soft and in a special colour. Can someone ID it or suggest similar styles?

    Thanks in advance! ;)

  2. Wow that dress is gorgeous!
  3. Wow that is gorgeous.

    It looks like a vintage late 1960s dress in silk jersey.

    It might be difficult finding long sleeves and or jersey as we are now in S/S season

    Look for designers that have that have a similar classical aesthetic like Andrew GN, Akris, Ellie Saab

    These are from S/S'10 shows and should be available,8416/Page,3#/imageno/37,8417/Page,3#/imageno/33,8450/Page,3#/imageno/32

    Otherwise you could find a fab mis 1960s - mid70s silk jersey dress (or a copy of vintage).

    This is just gorgeous and a bagain IMO - Heritage Halston

    This is also a long-sleeved and silk jersey and a great shape but a bit louder (small bust though)
  4. papertiger,thank you :flowers:
    The wedding is in september actually,that makes it easier to find a long sleeve. I will def keep in mind the brands you suggested!
  5. that dress is absolutely gorgeous! now i'm curious of the designer too. i think Halson may have some similar silhouettes.
  6. ^^^ It's a shame Marios Schwab has taken over as chief designer at Halston from AW'10 and decided to ditch the beautiful and elegant Halston silhouette: