Help id this coat!

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  1. This was originally posted in the socialites/hermes thread awhile back, and I wondered if anyone can ID the coat on the woman in the background.

  2. Bump. Anyone have any ideas? TIA!
  3. I don't know if this will help at all much but I swear down I saw a very similar coat like that In Zara maybe last fall season?
    Also this link shows similar styles but I dont know where you can buy them now, but at least maybe you can look for coats with the name of them now =D

    Theres also this one you can buy and you could just cut a line in each arm section to make a hole for your arms =D

    Hope Ive helped

  4. Thank you for your reply! I have looked at Zara - it very well could be a Zara coat. The closest I've seen is cape coat by boutique (from a link off of another link in your post) but I can't seem to narrow "boutique" down. It also looks like this one doesn't have seems like the cape coat by boutique coat does. Ugh!

    Thank you for your help!
  5. Boutique by Jaeger possibly?
  6. Dunno, sorry, but that woman in the front is... :weird:
  7. Yes, perhaps! It's the only "boutique by" combo that seems like it makes sense. Thanks for helping!
  8. I bought a camel car coat by Jaeger this winter and it is the nicest coat I have ever owned. Super soft and elegant. In fact, three of my coats are by Jaeger and I love them. I highly recommend them!
  9. Thanks! I will definitely look into the brand.
  10. Anyone think it might be max mara or Chloe? I've never had such a hard time id-ing a piece before! Thanks for all of your help!