Help Id this bag =]

  1. ok so i have seen so many women carrying this style bag and never paid much mind to it but lately i have seen it on so many women im curious as to who the designer is i know that it's high end because i have seen it at Bergdorf Goodman but i can't recall the name. It comes in all sorts of colors but it always has the same print. It's a tote bag and im pretty sure it's not made from leather...i took a picture with my cell phone of the bag today on a woman who was walking ahead of me i didn't want o ask her the name so ladies any ideas?

    Thanks in advance :p
    182215826565_0_1.jpg 182215839365_0_1.jpg
  2. yes it is!!!

    Thank you bronte :nuts:
  3. this is probably the Goyard St Louis shopper - (the first picture) - I have always wanted one in white - but I was able to get them here - always out of stock!
  4. :yes: Definitely Goyard. I believe the company started as an upscale French luggage maker, much like Louis Vuitton. Goyard's price point is considerably higher, though. Apparently, each little dot on that pattern is hand-painted! You can even get your bag personalized with your initials. The boutique in SF isn't doing too well, however, and just had to let a few employees go... too bad.