Help ID this bag please

  1. I know this bag is the reissue, i just can't quite figure out if the color is dark silver or gold -- is this the reissue from cruise 2007? Also, does anyone know if this is the 226 or 227? Thanks!!!! :wlae:
  2. Hi! :smile: Hmm... it looks like the dark gold to me. I have the dark silver, and there seems to be more reflective sheen to it than on the dark gold, which also seems more obvious in pictures. :smile: Ohhh... and Jessica Alba is tiny haha (and I wish I looked like her!)... it looks like the 226 size to me, but someone who knows reissues better can confirm the above, or give you the right info haha. :p
  3. It's the dark gold from 2006. I was thinking it was the 227 size.

  4. hmm, yeah I had trouble with the size, because she is rather petite. Are they coming out with the dark gold reissues this season?

    thanks for your answers, minal and mon!
  5. Nope.

  6. Dark Gold. The one I'm going to hve this end of month! :biggrin:

    P.S. I didn't know that it could be like this gorgeous MON!
  7. It must be a dark gold, which is different from what I have. Mine is dark silver, so I can tell. But I cannot help with the size, because whether it's big or not is relative to the body size. I did not chance to see Jessica Alba in person.

    But it's not re-released this season, so I'm afraid if you really like it, you can only get it from eBay or 2nd hand shop.
  8. itz bronze to me :smile:
  9. Here's another photo of Jessica Alba's reissue. Do you all still think it is the 227? :yes: (TIA)
  10. i think it's def. the 227 size.