Help ID my 7FAMK

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  1. still think its super old and faded NYD. MNE is not that dark, and OP said that they were less faded IRL. Mercer is super dark and shiny.
  2. what vintage shop did you find this pair in vancouver?
  3. A shop downtown close to where you catch the ferry to Granville Island. I think their big thing was vintage rock shirts. It was across from a Starbucks.

    It seems as if my jeans are either Carribbean (CAR), Detroit, Medium New York (MNE), or New York (NYD). Everyone seems to agree they are bootcut.

    What numbers on the tag must match up for me to get the same fit jeans? I don't have to have the same wash or stitching color. I just love the feel and fit. Thanks.