Help ID my 7FAMK

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  1. #1 Aug 17, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2008
    Hi I wasn't into designer denim till I slid into the most perfect pair of jeans in a vintage shop in vancouver. I'd like to know what fit/style I have.

    They are
    style U075080U-G-08OU (and I am not sure if those are the letter O or zeros)

    Cut 701458

    They fit me like a glove!

  2. I pulled out all my 7's, which are all bootcut or flynt, and those numbers don't match any of mine. At least you can rule out those 2 styles!
  3. thanks I hope they don't turn out to be fake. They feel too nice to be fake. I almost didn't want to post on here b/c I would just be crushed if they were fake. KWIM?
  4. They are Detroit Crease Bootcuts, and they are real. :smile:
  5. ^ I also agree that they are bootcuts.
  6. I had the exact same ones...I wore them so much that the button gave out, lol!
  7. Lol....that happened to me to!! I went to put them on and the button totally just fell apart into like 3 pieces. Out of all of my 7FAM jeans this is the only one that it happened to.
  8. oh thanks so much !!!!! Funny ... the jeans are in great shape except the butt is a little worn. But being used and for the price I am happy !!! They feel so great on that I overlooked the little wear and tear on the butt .... I guess I know what to expect one day.
  9. They're rea IMO.. I thought they were NYD, but that doesnt match the cut #.. I've lost my touch for SFAM... lols
  10. I don't think they're dark enough to be NYD and Detroit Crease has a more dingy look to it and the stitch is more tan than orange. These look like Caribbean bootcuts to me.
  11. They look good to me, except I'm preeetty sure that's not Detroit. Detroit is a little darker and has an orange/yellow tint to it... I think. I have some detroit (as far as I know) a-pockets.
  12. they just look like suuuuuper duper worn out and faded NYD. carribbean has a greenish tint, and detroit has a brownish tint to it
  13. I wanted to add a full pic. They DO NOT look this faded IRL. The fade is more gradual - I think my camera over washed them out. Does this help to ID them? I'd like to buy another pair not so worn.

  14. Oops sorry! I just looked up the style # on Authenticforum and didn't realize different washes carry the same style #. Duh, I'm getting bad at my premium denim skills! According to them, it could also be Medium New York or Mercer wash.
  15. I think it's Medium New York then because Mercer is very dark with tonal stitching. I always get MNE and CAR confused.