HELP...ID Mom's Vintage Gucci!!

  1. Thank goodness I found this wonderfully informative forum!! To make a long story short, my mother passed away in July. Yesterday I was sorting the items my sister had earmarked for "Goodwill" and found this vintage Gucci purse that I know my mother got in Itay in the late 1960's early 1970's. :wtf: Needless to say I quickly removed it from the "Goodwill" box! Here are some pictures of the purse:



    I know NOTHING about vintage, designer, anything other than this is authentic Gucci. I want to sell it and have an eBay store, however, with all of the knockoff designer stuff floating around I don't know if this is the best way to go about it. Can anyone give me some direction as to the options of selling an item such as this? (No, I am not soliciting anyone to buy it from me, no worries) Also, the Gucci "charm" is somewhat tarnished and I'm afraid to use anything on it other than elbow grease. Any suggestions for cleaning this up?

    Any help with ID, date, etc about this bag would be GREATLY appreciated!

    Jan07Ebay 062.JPG Jan07Ebay 052.JPG Jan07Ebay 084.JPG
  2. Hi! Gorgeous bag--it's quite a common bag from the 70's--often just referred to as a "GG medallion bag". The canvas ones are most popular, but yours is definitely stunning! I think this model is actually pictured in the "Gucci by Gucci" coffee table book.

    As for the charm, just try soap and water or leave it alone..let the next owner play with it. Nice save! :smile: